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Honey Miellefiori is a precious honey that combines the properties of various plants. Unique of its kind also in terms of aroma and flavor because it takes on characteristics according to the collection area. Slightly amber in colour, with a sweet and fragrant flavour. In the kitchen it can be used in many ways: a teaspoon in coffee or milk, on rusks, in natural yoghurt, on ice cream, in fruit salads and to prepare cakes or biscuits. Excellent to accompany cheeses.

Ingredients: wildflower honey TI in honeycomb 100%

Wildflower honey in comb - 500g

  • Millefiori honey contains many minerals and antioxidants, strengthens and increases physical energy. Great for kids in the growing stage or people in recovery. The nutritional principles contained in wildflower honey are greater than in other honeys, as they are rich in pollen of different origins.

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